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The Get Business Get Digital project started in October 2015, offering businesses in West Somerset and Sedgemoor digital and business support. Kate was one of the many businesses we helped through this project.

Kate Came to Get Business, Get digital for business advice and digital support for her business. She attended a number of workshops delivered by Nina and received 1-2-1 digital advice with Jack.

Kate runs a business, Firewolf Glass which focuses on stained glass artistry. She offers commissions, repairs, restoration, glass workshops, art pieces and greeting cards. The business is based in North Petherton, Somerset and Kate is currently a sole trader. She targets the general public, small glazing companies, small builders and carpenters, art galleries, shops and arts societies. We helped her to reach out to her target audience to increase sales. Here is what Kate considered to be her biggest challenge that she was faced with when searching for digital support in Somerset and the South West:

“Being a sole trader, I needed to increase my public profile both to the general public and within the art world. Money is short and time is precious. I needed to improve my SEO on my newly updated website and improve understanding how to go about it. I also needed to start being more active with Social Media and be more streamlined with maximising the effort whilst minimising the time spent on it. I used Facebook but had some problems that needed fixing and hadn’t kept up with the change. I had an Instagram account that was a personal one and didn’t use Twitter.


A bad experience with a web design provider left me feeling vulnerable with regards to my website and my lack of knowledge of digital media. I wanted to be more in control, more informed and have a better understanding of the options available to me. I also wanted to be able to recognise whether or not my digital needs were being correctly implemented.”

She felt that she was not maximising her marketing potential which left her feeling that her business was ‘anonymous’. She also felt that she wasn’t consistent enough with the branding of her business across her social channels which made her feel she was missing out on marketing opportunities. Kate was spending more time focusing on trying to keep up with digital media and the latest trends that she was finding it difficult to manage it alongside her glass work. Kate came to us to help her to overcome these problems along with showing her more about social media and how it can be used alongside her website.

Kate signed up for various Get Business Get Digital workshops. She attended a social media workshop run by Nina which started her journey with Cosmic, leading her to receive one to one digital advice with Jack.

she support that Kate received included two hour long meetings which allowed her to address her challenges. She then received Virtual Mentoring through skype which allowed her to stay at home and save time travelling. Kate felt that each session was clearly defined with objectives which were met and built on. She was given actions to be met which she could then feedback to us at the start of each session to provide a target to reach each week.

Kate said: “In the sessions all goals were met and my digital media platform was streamlined. The advice and help I received was fantastic and very professional.”

Kate has benefitted as she now has a strategy and as a result to spending less time on social media as its more targeted. Kate feels she now has a much better coverage and has increased her following and exposure. She has become more confident and knowledgeable on how to market her business digitally.

We asked Kate if she felt there were any obstacles or difficulties that she was faced with while on the GBGD programme, she said:

“Certainly not with the support and advice from Cosmic. Technical difficulties on my part were addressed at each session and resolved before tackling the next challenge.”

The impact on Firewolf Glass has been positive to Kate as she really feels her business has increased in its efficiency. Although the work-load increased initially, she feels she now has the confidence to manage her time to carry this out alongside her glass work. More people are finding her through the interest and her following has increased due to her knowledge on SEO. Kate also feels that her general business skills have increased which has made her more confident, giving her more control over her business, allowing it to move forward.

We asked Kate to share her overall experience working with Cosmic under the Get Business Get Digital project:

“Cosmic were very professional in their approach to the mentoring and advice sessions. They were friendly and approachable, organised, very knowledgeable and able to give advice and guidance clearly and in a way that could be easily understood. They put together clear and structured objectives which addressed the needs of my business.

Altogether it was a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience.”

We also asked what advice she would give other business owners who are also looking for digital support:

Do your research and find out what free help is available through the various business networks. If Cosmic are running any of them then you can be guaranteed that the advice will be useful and professional. You won’t be disappointed.”

 We are pleased to be continuing the Get Business, Get Digital project in January 2017 where we will be offering workshops and talks alongside 1:1 advisory session so we can help more people like Kate. We will be working with the West Somerset District Council, Sedgemoor District Council and Taunton Deane District Council to provide business and digital support across these areas. We will be holding a variety of workshops which will be specific and suitable for all levels of experience and we will also be offering businesses up to 4 hours’ worth of free mentoring.

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